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Ever feel like you are too busy doing the work to tell people about the work you do?

Getting your assistant to do the marketing doesn’t work. A traditional marketing agency is more about “pretty” than “results”. Show me results, right!

Email Outreach
  • We develop 12-month communication strategy.
  • We write text and produce graphics.
  • We format and polish email.
  • We provide target email list to reach out to.
  • You final proof email.
  • We send email and monitor results.

Social Media
  • We develop 12-month social media strategy.
  • We manage social media accounts.
  • We produce graphics and text.
  • You proof the final graphics pack.
  • We post to social 3x+ per week.
  • We manage boosts and report on results

Inbound Lead Follow-Up
  • We manage your inbound leads.
  • We qualify your leads.
  • We pass on qualified leads to your team.
  • We turn cold leads to warm targets.
  • You shoot and hit warm targets.

Accordus will be the office team supporting your operations team on a daily basis.


Shae Hinson

Shae founded Accordus in 2016 out of a growing desire to see ministries and organizations thrive. After selling the medical billing business he managed for the past 10 years, Shae zeroed in his focus on working with organizations that are making a difference across the globe. Things that put a smile on Shae’s face include his bride, Katie, his three children, a big orange tractor, a steep hill covered in snow, and all the people who attend The Bridge Church on Sundays.


Michelle Austin

Michelle went to Lee University to study music and came away with a husband and a degree that is still yet to be used. She began her career working with an awesome non-profit in Atlanta where she quickly became an expert in processes, databases, and ministry operations. Michelle now serves as Director of Operations at Accordus and oversees all staff activity. Things that make Michelle smile are her hilarious husband, Matt, her two daughters, a clean & organized house, waterfalls, and carbs.

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