System. Structure. Success.

When you need an executive but can only afford an intern…

Accordus is the answer.

Mission Accomplished

When there is more mission left at the end of the money.

Mission fails when structure is absent. Let Accordus be the structure expert to support your organization. We work on a monthly contract within your budget…and you get organizational excellence for the cost of an intern!

Your Strategy Partner

When you need a strategist to collaborate with on the nitty-gritty.

Board members want to provide guidance, not do the day-to-day work. Let Accordus work as your strategy accelerator. We’ll work with you to implement the vision of your board and director.

Back-Office Muscle

When there aren’t enough hours in the day for your overflowing inbox.

Our team includes experts to handle all of your back-office needs, from accounting to client communications, from strategy planning to government registration and filings. Let Accordus manage the details so you can put your time and energy where it’s needed most!

Our team will work with your staff and leadership.

Accordus executives have structured organizations from formation all the way through $15M annually. Without the right systems and processes, no organization can grow to long-term success. Let our team of executives, staff accountants, and clerical staff serve as your back-office while you accomplish the mission.

Shae Hinson

Shae founded Accordus in 2016 out of a growing desire to see ministries and organizations thrive. After selling the medical billing business he managed for 10 years, Shae zeroed in to work with organizations making a difference across the globe. Things that put a smile on Shae’s face include his bride, Katie, his three children, a big orange tractor, a steep hill covered in snow, and all the people who attend The Bridge Church on Sundays.

Michelle Austin

Michelle went to Lee University to study music and came away with a husband and a degree that is still yet to be used. She began her career working with an awesome ministry in Atlanta where she quickly became an expert in processes, databases, and ministry operations. Michelle now serves as Director of Operations at Accordus and oversees all staff activity. Things that make Michelle smile are her husband's jokes, her daughters laughing, a clean house, and carbs.

Anne Cassell

Anne is the implementor every visionary needs. With a background in operations and management, she thrives at the intersection of people and processes. Throughout her career, she has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, and as the Business Integrator at Accordus, she works to ensure all our clients and team members are flourishing. A few of Anne's favorite things include trail runs, teaching piano, her amazing neighbors, and spontaneous dance parties.

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