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Shae is a husband to Katie, a father of four, and a want-to-be-farmer. When he’s not leading Accordus, serving the people in his church, or starting a new business, you can find him in his happy place...a tractor mowing his field. Shae founded Accordus in 2016 to help great organizations and great team members.
A new mom, wife to a medical student, and our AMAZING Director of Operations - Anne does it all! Midwest-born and raised, she spent her time working for a think tank before joining the Accordus team...which she now leads.
Hannah is surrounded by kids...all the time. With 20 nieces and nephews + her own kids, there is no escaping the herd of children. When she’s not wrangling children or practicing her many, random talents, she is working as our awesome Accounting Manager.

Our Team is Your Team.

Our team will work with your staff and leadership. Accordus executives have structured organizations from formation all the way through $15M annually. Without the right systems and processes, no organization can grow to long-term success. Let our team of executives, staff accountants, and clerical staff serve as your back-office while you accomplish the mission.

Adrienne is an athlete, momma, pastor’s wife, and a rock-star graphic designer. She spends lots of time with her family at the park, doing ministry 24x7, and living a full life. For Accordus, Adrienne takes ideas and turns them into beautiful pieces that communicate our clients' messages.
Amber will go to the ends of the earth to anybody...anywhere. She once biked 600 miles in 6 days - just to see if she could. She carries the Accordus culture in every way and leads our leaders. She is a mom of two and with her husband live by the motto: "Do it scared!" Because it’s better to do it scared than not at all!
The only difference between Superman and Alex is the blue spandex. She’s a mom, super-connector, and a friend to anyone she meets in her town, Tupelo. Alex has been leading many of our clients for a while and is now helping bring on awesome team members to the Accordus team.

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