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Hello friend,

In 2016, I started this little company called Accordus to help businesses and non-profit organizations grow and accomplish more mission. I planned for Accordus to grow, but I didn’t realize how quickly we were going to be helping dozens of organizations accomplish their mission. We help our clients by taking work off of their plate so they can focus on their mission, not their office work. See this quick video that gives a glimpse into why we exist.

Let’s talk soon!

We are looking for more great people to join our team. The work is 5-20 hours a week, and it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re dressed in a suit and tie or your pajamas. Every meeting is online which means zero commute. You get tasks assigned to you and you knock them out whenever is good for you.

Roles at Accordus

Team Lead

We are looking for people who have organized pantries, who make lists every morning, and who love working with people. This role is like a project manager but without the stuffy title.​

Database Administrator

If you think in Excel and know what =if(and(…. means, you are our person.​

Grant Writer

Are you always on time for a deadline? Is it easy for you to dive right into meaningful relationships? Our grant writers show up and mean business!


A creative guru who can churn out quality work, help capture the client’s vision, and who likes to make people smile.​


If debits, credits, and QBO are your jam, accounting at Accordus is your new happy place.


Let's be honest - a good IT colleague is everyone's favorite person! If you can handle the error codes that make everyone else want to pull out their hair, you're the one we're looking for.

Communications Coordinator

If you love hitting send on the perfect email and think in hashtags, this is the role for you. #letstalk


From social media campaigns to game-changing mission statements, our writers use words to transform and shape the world.

Executive Assistant

If you show up and things just start working better, if your pen drawer is organized, and if you hate typoe’s….let’s talk.​

We pay based on experience, quality of work, and how much you can get done quickly.

Are you in?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a semi-retired professional, or a world-traveler, Accordus could be the perfect fit for you. Our employees and contractors love our work and our culture. Apply today to learn more.