Marketing & Communications

Accordus can help you map out your marketing and communications plan and then execute it just like you envisioned. 

We do the heavy lifting and make things happen!

  • Work with clients to develop ongoing communication strategy to donors and friends
  • Deliver a 12-month plan with content distribution with specific calls to action
  • Plan will include direct and branded emails, social media, print pieces, and web assets


  • Create outbound emails to various segments of database
  • Produce copy, graphics, proof text, and schedule final send of emails
  • Collaborate to create strategy, produce posts, and schedule posts
  • Point posts to landing pages on website for initiatives and action steps

“Accordus works with our team to make incredible things happen. They are quick to respond, quick to take action, and quick to complete tasks. Accordus is an amazing team to work with and we highly recommend their organization.”

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